About Us

Boot and Cod - About Us
Who We Are

We started with made-to-measure custom suits and saw the confidence that a well-fitted garment instilled in our clients and we loved it. Unfortunately, when they wanted a nice dress shirt to pair with, they couldn't justify paying the traditional triple to quadruple digit markup offered by most retail companies. So to offer non-traditionally priced dress shirts that fit and feel great was the most logical thing for us to do.
We also wanted to draw a connection for our love of formal wear, with our other love and passion: spirits and socializing. This is why every dress shirt you order includes the ideal drink recipe to pair it with. With our custom line, our favorite moment is sharing a drink with our clients after a job well done, and we wanted to extend a form of this to our off the rack lines as well. So cheers to you!
No ridiculous markups, ethical practices, and a true quality tailor-made product. This is why beyond a menswear company, we are first and foremost, a LIFE+STYLE company.


The Challenge We've Accepted

Everyone wants to look good, but at what cost? You know that euphoric feeling when you find something that fits well and feels nice, but it's instantly followed by anxiety and forces you login to your bank app? Most people go through this emotional roller coaster every time they shop. Why have we allowed ourselves to accept this as a norm?
We've seen that most companies tend to produce things that are either or: either super budget and looks cheap, or look great but is ridiculously overpriced. Chances are, you can afford the latter, but every time you're out, you'll be stuck baby sitting a label-torn beer, while computing advanced accounting in your head, all in the hopes that you can afford another round. How can one look and feel confident without having to worry about overspending when he's out? This was the problem we wanted to address. 


Our Solution

Already partnered with seasoned tailors and manufacturers, we spent countless hours collaborating over every minute detail to see what type of dress shirt best suits the modern man. A better fitting neck, a collar that is well-structured, sleeve lengths that don't cover your thumb. Because we value our client's satisfaction above all else, we've set price points that don't take advantage of your wallet, package every order with care, include complimentary add-ons, and offer customer service that goes above and beyond.