Behind The Scenes


Our Partnership

We went through seasons scouring various manufacturers before we found one that would carry all the major aspects we were looking for: quality tailoring, competitive pricing, optimal and ethical working conditions, and a board that cares about their employee's well-being and growth. They offer competitive wages with room for growth, great working conditions, and tailoring experience that extends back to the 1960s and is supplying the same garments for top luxury brands throughout the world. Our shirts are manufactured by a renown family-owned and run factory headed out of Suzhou, China with a high-end luxury buyer base that extends across the world.


The Sourcing

We wanted to only work with high-end fabrics. They work with 100% premium cotton sourced from top grade regions, such as Egypt, which are then, hand-selected by the factory's master tailors. Each garment is made with precision and goes through a thorough quality control process to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the finished product. 


The Owner

Louis's drink of choice is whiskey; our kind of owner.
Louis grew up in a family of tailors.  He quickly learned and grew to love the trade. The factory was a smaller operation when Louis took over, but now the factory supplies top brand names throughout the world. Despite his success, Louis is constantly found working alongside his employees. He loves to promote from within; most of his managers and dept leaders started from the bottom and worked their way up.